New Hampshire - Franconia - Fransted Family / by Dave Hileman

Extensive activity type campgrounds are not where we usually stay. But we needed to plug in this night in October and we wanted to be close to a pancake house for breakfast, Sad, I know. But wait until I showcase the pancake place later this week!. Anyway, we found this campground just a couple of days before they were closing for the season. So, it was quiet and not too "activity-ish." Our site was number 8 and was flat and easy to access. You may note that the trailer is actually missing. I took the site just past ours for the color but never shot the actual site we had. Sorry. We also took a wonderful hike along a stream for a couple of miles right from the campground and in the middle of the woods along the path was a sign that the first ski jump in the US was built nearby. Cool. Fransted Family Campground at