New York - Watkins Glen -Seneca Sunrise Coffee / by Dave Hileman

We were in need of coffee and found this little spot a block or two off of the main street while walking around the town of Watkins Glen. We love this kind of spot and prefer it to the more corporate experiences that abound. Seneca was the best of these kinds of places: they roast their own coffee, they care about the quality of the coffee using only Fair Trade organic arabica beans and they roast in small batches like our favorite, Rostov’s in Richmond. The shop was small with a nice front porch. They were busy but patient and they had some unusual things such as Cascara, a brewable coffee blossom - which we have yet to try and a Rhubarb Shrub that is delicious. We also came home with a pound of one of their single origin coffees. If you are in Watkins Glen, stop here - if you are in some other town or city look up the small owner-brewer shop and you will enjoy your coffee and your experience better.