Curt and Jackie / by Dave Hileman

Many people influence all of us in different ways. The primary reason we are towing a travel trailer with a plan to visit more than 400 parks across the United States is due in a large measure to the enthusiasm for both camping and National Parks that we met in Curt and Jackie McSherry. 

We had another trailer when our boys were small. It was definitely pre-owned and its systems were poorly understood by the new inadequate owners, us! It was a solution to some of the challenges of traveling with a family on a small budget but we were glad to sell it because the whole experience was not great, even though we were able to see some wonderful places. 

We met Curt and Jackie at church when they came to Williamsburg, and we admired their small RV, a Rialta. I had visions of traveling and parking anywhere in a small camper - but considered it just a dream. Then, the McSherrys chose not only to sell it but to offer it to us at a very good value. They also provided their advice about how to use an RV and camping in general - it was excellent counsel. We benefitted from their kindness and excitement for the project. So we were off, to Yellowstone and Glacier, to Florida and South Carolina, to Maine and Prince Edward Island. And we were able to park it just about anywhere. The Rialta helped us to gain a better perspective on our travel habits and the beautiful sites we visited just made us want to see more. The desire for a more robust shower and more headroom than the Rialta could provide and to leave the campsite without taking the “house” along moved us to the Oliver trailer which has taken us 30,000 miles to 27 states. And we are preparing for another 20,000 miles and many more states. 

Curt and Jackie headed to Alaska a few years ago but an unfortunate accident in Canada cut short their plans. We hope that the photos and diary of the journey that they started us on will delight them. Thanks to two wonderful people who are great examples of faith and faithfulness - a joy to share their friendship.

Curt and Jackie pay a visit to the Oliver.

Curt and Jackie pay a visit to the Oliver.