Food / by Dave Hileman

We plan to prepare most of our meals for the Alaska trip. Breakfast is usually cereal or toast in the trailer, lunch is a light meal like apples, almonds, cheese and yogurt. Dinner will be something we prepare each evening for the majority of the time. Depending on where we are it might be every day on the Alaska Highway or near Wrangell-St. Elias NP and less often in Homer, for example, where there are lots of tempting restaurants. Because of the higher cost of food in both Canada and Alaska we will take lots of staples from home. Our plan is to get a couple of items each grocery run here (with appropriate dates) and take them along. We have storage in the trailer we have never used that will hold a fair amount and a new bin for the back seat of the truck that will take two or three bags worth of groceries. These are the first two bags we have gathered. A bonus of this plan is that we are picking up the things on sale. Like the rice dish here, we have five for the trip all bought at half price. We cannot take food for 4 months but staples, maybe most of them.