Map! (2 photos) / by Dave Hileman

I found a decent map of Alaska. Finally. I love maps, paper maps. I like looking at options, this road v that road, how close do I come to an interesting side route, old town or lake. The gps is a great tool for getting you to a specific address but I like to plan the route and use the gps for the last few miles. Or to get out of a town to the road I want. And I really like spending time on the satellite views on Apple maps or Google earth. But when you really want to know where you are in relation to somewhere else, the scale of the trip and the alternate choices you cannot beat a paper map. And it never needs to be charged! I have been looking for a good Alaska map for weeks but finally found this one and it is perfect for our needs. We have already made two adjustments to our travel and I am sure more to come.