It is BIG / by Dave Hileman

Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve is in south central Alaska. The park and preserve form the largest area managed by the National Park Service with a total of 13,175,799 acres an area that would swallow six Yellowstone National Parks. It also has the second highest mountain in North America as well as 9 of the 16 highest in NA. The Bagley Icefield covers much of the interior. The boomtown of Kennecott exploited one of the world's richest deposits of copper a century ago and the abandoned mine buildings are a National Historic Landmark. The park has two rough gravel roads, one about 11 miles on the very north and one of 68 reaching into a small village and the mine area. We have scheduled a night in a lodge near the mine as the 68 mile road takes a long time to drive IF you don’t get a flat tire. So we plan to drive in one day, stay the night and drive back the next. Ought to be a spectacular place. Last year this vast park had fewer than 80,000 people enjoy the space.