Little Adjustment / by Dave Hileman

My truck has chrome trim rings on the dash and that was not comfortable for me as bright flashes of light can trigger migraines and avoiding that was difficult at times. So my grandson, Kellen, and I added changing that to our list of projects yesterday. And this is the result!


I now have nice, non-reflective white (matches truck) trim in the cab. Kellen is adapt and figuring out how things work and we were able to remove and, after painting, install these again.

Also if you are tracking the issue with the truck I wrote about twice already, the transmission to the fan clutch motor became a radiator that was leaking and causing the fan motor to act oddly. So new radiator, new hoses et al, tune-up (overdue) and new filters and the truck is ready except for new tires next month and an oil change. Hope that service will provide us with reasonably reliable transportation to and from the 49th state.