We Have Reservations... / by Dave Hileman

…for not about the Alaska trip. So far we have three days at a campground 31 miles into Denali where once you park you cannot move your vehicle for your stay. We have the night in Wrangle I wrote about last week and we have the trip to Sitka finally planned. It was an interesting process. Sitka has a National Park site, so it is a must visit. Access to Sitka is by boat or plane. But reasonably priced transportation is rare. Only the Alaska Marine Highway would really qualify but it goes once a week to Sitka and returns once a week - all at odd hours and lengthy travel times. Plus there is a funding challenge in Alaska for the ferry and they are not sure yet which routes will be cut. So that seemed sketchy. We finally figured out that we could take a seaplane from Haines AK, to Juneau at 7:00 AM and get there for a 10:00 commercial flight to Sitka with no over night in Juneau. Then on the return a 6 AM flight back to Juneau (only one that day) and get a touring ferry back to Haines at 4:30 that evening. So we have three nights on the island in a small cottage a short distance from the park and from downtown. Not sure yet how we will get back to the airport at 5AM. The red on the map is the whole island, Sitka has 18 miles of paved roads and would be a dot among the red. Should be cool - I never was on a float plane before! We are now working on a bear tour plan.