NOT the Transmission (2 photos) / by Dave Hileman


So, what a relief. It is still needing a repair, two actually, but the transmission is not only ok, it is in good condition. The whirring noise was not a slippage in the transmission but a faulty fan motor clutch that was intermittent. There was also three cylinders that were miss firing. So, now we are off to a different repair center where I leave the truck on Wednesday.

MANY thanks to Roy at Cottman Transmission. He not only diagnosed the problem he did so in the time promised and for no charge. Really! The shop is highly recommended on social media platforms and I can see why. He also patiently explained all of the process and answered all of my questions. So, a big thank you to Roy and his staff and a high recommendation for their shop if you are in Raleigh (or North Carolina for that matter) and need someone to replace a clutch or ascertain an issue in your transmission call Roy. Stellar job.