FAQ on Cadillac Moose / by Dave Hileman

Why do we travel with a stuffed moose?

A younger version of our granddaughter started sending him on our trips so he could get back to Maine and visit his relatives. She is older now but still indulges us with him for our travels. 

Why is he named Cadillac?

You may be aware that there is a mountain in Acadia named Cadillac and assume he was named for it. However, the back story is that he was born near a rusted, overgrown 53 Caddy and, of course, the name stuck. HE thinks the mountain is named after him. 

He seems awful small for a moose, right?

PLEASE don’t tell him - his perspective is not aligned with reality. 

How did he become so well spoken and well written?

The advantage of living with three clever and growing kids. He studies at nights - though Moose are largely diurnal he can’t seem to get up in the morning and so stays up very late at night, and while he learns a lot of “stuff” it does not always get connected in a useful way. The synapses don’t always line up.

He seems to be a bit of a bon vivant, is that right?

Depends on your use of the term, he certainly enjoys a good meal, several times a day, but is not too discriminating in his selections which run from ice cream to water lilies to Twinkies. But he does desire to live well so an aspiring bon vivant might be accurate.

Is he useful on the trips?

Not at all. Helpless.

How effective will his Moose Rights campaign be?

Slightly less chance of success than the Pelosi and Trump families enjoying a nice weekend together in a small cottage in Nags Head. 

Does he play any musical instruments?

No, for which we are eternally grateful. We did have to hide a harmonica he found because that was going to be trouble.

Where is his family?

Not sure. We know he was born by Molasses Pond near Eastbrook, Maine. He arrived in Bar Harbor with several dozen cousins via UPS. Once his UPC tag was removed it become difficult to track all of his relatives so he makes all Moose a relative.

Where does he live when not traveling?

Gosh, we don’t know. He goes back to our granddaughter and then shows up again with his sleeping bag, suitcase and snacks when we are about to leave. Never has spending money!

We heard a rumor that he bought a Fuji GFX100 and several lenses, true?

NO, not at all. First he does not have opposable thumbs, nor actually any fingers so no camera. If he did happen to get access to a Mr. Mook’s credit card, we would let him buy a couple but not actually let him use them. I would just borrow them. That is a great idea.

Is he really in the running for a Pulitzer or a Nobel prize?

In his mind there exists no prize, award, office or honor he should  not already have won. In reality, Pulitzer says, “Cadillac who?” Here is a list of awards he has applied for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards We do think he would have a keen shot in the World Nettle-eating Championships. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bottle_Inn

Does Cadillac have a job or a degree?

It depends on the day. He claims, as one of his more outstanding qualities, to be a medical doctor, lobbyist, sailer, writer, artist, city planner, dental hygienist, draftsman, lawyer, wine maker and much more. But, no, he actually has no skills and no degrees. That fact does not seem to stop him from choosing a new career every month or so. What he does have is self-confidence and a certain savoir faire. I can assure you he earns no money but needs a lot.

Is it true that he is running for President?

The Moose Minions are not allowed to comment on rumors. It is true that his Moose Rights campaign has opened new doors for him. And one of his platforms, I mean principle demands, is the restoration of the glorious Bull Moose Party. But of course all speculation is pre-mature. He firmly believes that one of the 57 candidates already running is probably honest.