Bright by Dave Hileman

This is a display of colored blown glass in a Disney Springs store. Loved the bright colors. 

"The one sitting on the throne was as brilliant as gemstones—like jasper and carnelian. And the glow of an emerald circled his throne like a rainbow."

          Revelation 4:3 NLT


Magenta Path by Dave Hileman

Sunset from a bridge at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The colors were very different that evening, a flash of purple that reflects in the water and the surrounding surfaces. I "think" that is the Lion King show locale in the far background. 


A Little Music... (2 photos) by Dave Hileman

...because it has been a rocky time (snicker) at TLT this week. This performer was outside the Lancaster City Market in Pennsylvania playing for a small crowd. There was also a young lady near who would compose and type out a short poem for you on any subject on the smallest old typewriter. 

"Praise the Lord , for the Lord is good; celebrate his lovely name with music."
Psalm 135:3 NLT


Lovely Family by Dave Hileman

Sometimes I shoot photos for a family who seems to be having a great time but no camera with them. Most of the time they are content with a quick snap using their phone's camera (I, however, am no fan of "selfies"). In the depth of the Channels that was not as good an option so I photographed them and then sent them the photo. They were so nice and the little girl was a trooper. It is a long hike up and back and she did it on her own. Made me sad that I couldn't complain and grumble about how hard it was when she was having a great time. Anyway, it is a fun way to meet some people - I love the little one peeping over dad's shoulder to see why they stopped. (Slight edit from original to minimize "violence" per friend's suggestion!)


Meanwhile (two photos) by Dave Hileman

One the top of the Channels are these two relics of the 1940's a fire tower and ranger cabin. They were built in 1942 and likely were used for those who were trained to spot enemy planes and for fire use. I do not know when they were closed. The lower treads were removed from the tower to discourage climbers and there is not much left of the house. 


Perspective (two photos) by Dave Hileman

It is hard to convey the scope of the Channels and the depth of the mini canyons you wander through. So, here are two photos that include some people. The second is of a lady as you enter the first bit of the Channels. So we are about a third of the way down. The first photo is deeper into one of the crevices and if you look carefully, really carefully you can see a man in the middle bottom of the photo. It was also 20 degrees cooler in this maze than one top.


Indeed, More Rocks! (two photos) by Dave Hileman

Look at the colors. When you first descend into the creases everything looks grey or maybe green but as your eyes adjust you begin to see the colors that have leeched into the rocks, gold, red, purple, orange and green mostly. The two photos today show only a portion of the deep slice of rock but each rock here is about 15 or 20 feet high. 


The Channels by Dave Hileman

This is a fantastic rock labyrinth atop a mountain in Southwest Virginia. About 25 miles north of the village of Meadowview (mile 24 on I-81) on a switchback road to a pass in the mountains you arrive at the parking area for your 3.2 mile hike to the summit. What you find when you get there is well worth the trip and, while the view is very nice, it is not the view that propels you. More this week about the Channels. 


Sachs Bridge by Dave Hileman

Three of the Union Brigades arrived at the battle via this bridge and all most all of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia retreated across it after the battle. I would love to come back here again to shoot some more photos in different light. Neat place.

"This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him." Psalm 91:2 NLT


Three More... by Dave Hileman

last three shots of the old mile  NASCAR dirt track in Hillsbourgh NC. You can walk the circuit and see some of the original grandstands, old cars and some reconstructed buildings. A beautiful place along the Eno River. 

 One of three old racers parked along the track

One of three old racers parked along the track

 Concrete grandstands and refreshment stand

Concrete grandstands and refreshment stand



Tobacco Water? by Dave Hileman

This is shot in Durham at the site of the old Lucky Strike factory. It is the American Tobacco Historic District. There is the ball park, famous from the Bull Durham movie, lots of restaurants, theaters and more. The industrial heritage is seen in lots of gantry, smokestacks and old track. This is a neat section where you can see the water cascading down the steps and the walls leading to a long stream through the district. I shot this on a slow shutter speed with a ten stop filter on a photo jaunt with my grandson. Nice evening. 


Not Quite My Car....(four photos -B&B) by Dave Hileman

...but I can dream. This beautiful replica Cobra is powered by a 289 engine. We arrived at our delightful B&B in Gettysburg, Pa about the same time our host returned from a car show in his Cobra. Peaceful Farm in Gettysburg is a great place to stay if you want a comfortable place, full kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and wonderful hosts - Kim and Jim. Located on Herr Ridge just east of town and very close to the area the 1863 battle began, the main house was witness the those July days as it was built in 1860. The B&B is a more recent addition. Kim is knowledgable about things to see and places to eat in the area and she stocked the kitchen with much more than we needed for the day. Very thoughtful. I took a couple of quick shots of just some of the careful details in the home. We made our reservation at


The Photo by Dave Hileman

There is a lot "wrong" with this photo, wrong shutter speed, wrong aperture, too much noise...but I really like it. 

We saw that the Kilimanjaro Safari now offered night rides and off we went not knowing if we would see anything. I was carrying my camera simply because I had it with me not expecting to take a shot - it was super hard in the daylight bouncing along the rugged track. We did see a couple of animals dimly and one antelope that was a few feet in front of us illuminated briefly by the headlights but not much. We got to the place where the lions were and could see, barely, the outline of the head of this female. There was a soft light in the rock below her. The vehicle stopped for a moment to point her out and then we started off again. As soon as we did, the lion stretched and stood. I just grabbed my camera, looked in the viewfinder and moved shutter dial until I could see something and shot one frame. The car now lurched away completely from the area. It turned out that I was in auto ISO in a range, so it want to the max of 6400, also I had moved the shutter speed to 1/30 instead of moving the aperture. It happened so fast I did not think properly and yet, with modern camera equipment, managed to get a neat image, a sort of ghostly lioness in the night. Not sharp, not shot correctly but a neat image of a nice memory.

The lesson, that I actually need to learn not just repeat examples - is to prepare in advance for the possible and be ready for the  unexpected. This was shot with an unprepared Fuji X-T2 at f8, 1/30, 6400, 52mm with the 18-135 lens. And a surprised photographer. 


Speed by Dave Hileman

This is a cheetah and one of the few times we have seen them on the safari ride. Again the ride is a bit bumpy but shooting between jostling and around people I was pleased to capture an okay shot of this fleet animal. I read that a full grown cheetah will have about 2000 spots. 


Mom and Cub (2 photos) by Dave Hileman

This playful tiger cub was tussling with his mother for a bit until mom had enough and walked away. You met the dad yesterday. The cub was also trying to climb a tree but always falling back to ground. I think we should call him Hobbes. 


Boss by Dave Hileman

The tigers at Animal Kingdom roam in three areas that are set among a backdrop of the ruins of an old temple. Disney has provided a great stage to watch these animals. This is a male tiger and was serenely in charge. What beautiful animals.


Big Cats by Dave Hileman

This beautiful lion was quite visible on the safari ride at Animal Kingdom. 

Like a lion, Israel crouches and lies down; like a lioness, who dares to arouse her? Blessed is everyone who blesses you, O Israel, and cursed is everyone who curses you.” Numbers 24:9 (NLT)


Startling Terror by Dave Hileman

So, this outlandish scene is at the Animal Kingdom in the Avatar area. An apparent planet recreated from a film that I never heard of before ( I must have been the only one. Anyway, they have a ride that is sometimes compared to Soaring. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT. Soaring is a gentle float on a lazy river, Avatar is turbo jet skis off a 200 foot waterfall. First you must know that the people you are seeing high up on the bridge - look carefully - may look a bit hungry because they are in the middle of a nearly four-hour wait to board the ride. Stamina. CJH and I had a fast pass secured for us because of the extra effort Janet put forth. (Rusty MAY have helped) So, the ride. It was intense, insane and scary and you never leave the ground. You ride on this creature, motorcycle fashion, and off you go on a screen adventure your mind insists is not real and your body is screaming that death is near. Or at least you hope so. "You'll like it, its like Soaring." Lies. Can't wait to try it again.