Flowers @ Leo Cabrillo by Dave Hileman

Leo was the side kick of the Cisco Kid. You are officially old if you watched that show!. We stayed two nights in a state park he was instrumental is securing. These flowers are along a hillside trail. 

Orderly by Dave Hileman

I am always struck by the beauty and orderliness of these military cemeteries. This one on the Pacific Ocean on Point Loma a couple of miles from the Cabrillo Monument is especially beautiful. The breeze off the ocean kept it a perfect temperature. And the contrast between what these men and women were asked to do can't be more stark to the clean lines and order of this place and the chaos of the world they had to engage. Thanks is always inadequate. 

"I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 NLT

Random by Dave Hileman

Umbrellas and chairs at the North Carolina Museum of Art. There is no seeming arrangement of the chairs they are just where anyone left them but the umbrellas are fixed. So the chairs are often re-arranged to get in the shade or for the number of people in a group or around a table if they are having a picnic. Feels like life sometime. Chaos but around principles or purpose or reason, maybe unknown?

"For the lord is God, and he created the heavens and earth
and put everything in place.
He made the world to be lived in, not to be a place of empty chaos." Isaiah 45:18 NLT

Candy Store Memories by Dave Hileman

We met Mike a native of Boston's North End. He was about 50 and he was interested in why I was taking photographs of what he saw everyday. So we chatted and then he started pointing out places he lived and played. We passed this door and he said that was the candy store and "when I got a quarter I went straight here." Sadly it is closed and has been for 20 years but his memory is fresh. 

Safe by Dave Hileman

This lighthouse is along the ocean drive in Oregon. Just enchanting scenery. It still works and it is welcome on the often fog bound coast. 

Feels Like Spring by Dave Hileman

This is such a beautiful time of the year with the leaves light green and small, flowers everywhere and warming temperatures. Wish I did not also have to add sinus issues and sneezing! Still a light and airy walk at the NC Museum of Art. 

Preparation by Dave Hileman

As Cindy and I get ready for another Western trip images like this from an earlier vacation heighten the anticipation. On this journey we will be focused on the extreme south of NM and AZ and then Southern California. Beyond Death Valley neither of us have been in that part of the state. Likewise we have been in the upper half of NM and AZ three times but never along the southern edge. We have targeted more than 20 National Park Service sites and will be publishing photos on Two Lane Touring as we go. On Instagram, also twolanetouring we will focus on camping, food and surprises. Hope you can join us. 

Just on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains in Washington state.

Just on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains in Washington state.

You're Right If You Knew... by Dave Hileman

Friday's post was a CAMERA. Really. It is on the ground of the NC Museum of Art. It is a Camera Obscura. It is a light-sealed room with a small, adjustable aperture in the roof, second photo. The image is cast on the white floor of the room so you are looking down at the trees. I also noted the resident photographer in photo three.  

Light changes things!  "Light shines in the darkness for the godly.
They are generous, compassionate, and righteous." Psalm 112 NLT

Adjustable aperture.

Adjustable aperture.

Rush by Dave Hileman

This is a portion of the lower of the three falls that make up Triple Falls. It is about 1/2 mile from the Hooker falls.  

BONUS - 100 Years Ago USA Entered WWI by Dave Hileman

This was taken sometime in 1917 of Uncle Doc. Elmer B. Staley was Cindy's aunt's husband. A medical doctor he was a physician during WWI and went to France sometime very late in 1917. The photo is not dated but I would expect it to have been taken before went overseas. The single bar indicated a rank of First Lieutenant. If you wish to understand the conflict I would highly recommend the podcast, Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. The specific 6-part series is Blueprint for Armageddon, Plan to be engrossed. 

Rock in a Tree by Dave Hileman

Bu don't worry it is not a real tree. This is found at the North Carolina Museum of Art. The property is really nice with several trails including paved, gravel and woodland. And there are actual hills. Scattered around the property and with more arriving are art works. I don't "get" them all but they add interest to the walk. This one is close to the parking area. 

Hooker Falls by Dave Hileman

This falls is a short walk from the parking area at DuPont State Forrest in southwest NC. The water was fast and abundant on the bright sunny day we were there about lunch time. There was a memorial to the left of the photo in honor of someone who drowned here. Sad. 

 "Who, then, can comprehend the thunder of his power?” Job 26:14 NLT

Stella's by Dave Hileman

Along the four-block long main street of Plymouth are a few businesses interspersed with empty stores and a few buildings waiting for the wrecking ball. Kind of sad. You can see the day in the not too distant past when this was the thriving heart of the town. It should be today with ample space, adjacent to the beautiful Roanoke River and flanked on each end of town by a park. The town simply has not taken advantage of wonderful resources. It is not for lack of trying by Stella who owns the little cafe - a bright spot literally and figuratively in town. Stella opened the cafe on a rainy Saturday afternoon past closing just to make a cup of coffee for one traveler, me. We had a delightful talk and I really wish her well in her Quixote-like effort to right the neglect of Plymouth.  

Wild by Dave Hileman

When you see 50 of these on the golf course or public park they are pests. When you see two in the wild with one alert to any dangers, they are more majestic. 

β€œThe birds roost on its fallen trunk, and the wild animals lie among its branches. Let the tree of no other nation proudly exult in its own prosperity, though it be higher than the clouds and it be watered from the depths. Ez 31:13,14a NLT

Last One by Dave Hileman

At one time there were more than 70 mills operating in Wake County, this is the last one still in operating condition. This one is the centerpiece of the Yates Mill Park. It was an overcast, dark and windy day I am looking forward to a better weather day shooting at Yates Mill. 

Honor by Dave Hileman

I shot this monument in a pouring rain storm this past Saturday. It was the only time I had to take the photo, it was not ideal. But it was important to me. It celebrates the 150th anniversary of the battle of Plymouth, NC. It was a battle where my GGG Grandfather fought and was captured along with his whole unit, the 103rd Pennsylvania. He spent the remainder of the war in the awful Andersonville prison. He, unlike 140 of this fellow soldiers, survived.  Thanks to Jimmy Hardison for the remarkable tour and the loan of the 103rd regimental history book.