Back Roads by Dave Hileman

Traveling as I do across mostly North Carolina and Virginia to various churches allows - sometimes demands, back roads. There are churches in the most interesting places! I drove through a tiny hamlet in north central NC last week and came upon this old grocery / service center. It was called Grand Ole Opry Service Station and it is located in Grassy Creek, NC. Lots of stories over the years on that front porch and around the Coke cooler, I am sure. 


Another Station by Dave Hileman

I posted the station at Point of Rocks recently, (see below) today another station not still used for its original purpose. Built in 1930 by Souther Railway on the original Danville and Atlantic line it once had 6 or 7 trains a day carrying mined copper from the area. In the late 1800's after WWI Virgilina, VA, was a mining boom town. And kind of wild west lawless too. This station now houses Corvairs. In fact I counted 9 of them plus these two rare Corvair Greenbriars. You can see a red 65 in the freight bay being worked on if you look carefully just over the top of the Greenbrier. Not sure how much longer this will stand, there is no maintenance being done and it has deteriorated quite a lot since I first saw it about 15 years ago. 


Waiting by Dave Hileman

This is a unique train station at Point of Rocks, MD. It has a long history but is now part of the commuter train system taking people to and from DC. There is a massive parking lot that belies the size of the station. 


Just Wax by Dave Hileman

I saw these homemade tulips in a little craft shop and have no idea why but they seemed to make things happier. Perhaps because I envisioned young Amish kids making their contribution to the family livelihood.  Have a great Saturday.


Promise Kept (2 photos) by Dave Hileman

If you read the "Eats!" section (and this being Thursday there is a new one today) of Two Lane Touring you may recall a few weeks ago I posted a shot of the Tomato Pie restaurant in Lititz, Pennsylvania. The photo was fair at best. So I said I would get a better shot - so here they are. Also, I ate food there this time ( I still had the Creme Brûlée coffee! ), absolutely excellent. CJH and EBH and I ate there for lunch, it was really good. The cold strawberry soup was very flavorful, just wow. We ate at the 100 year-old ice cream counter. Highly recommend the food here if  you are in Lititz - and you should, nice town. Pretzels to make, chocolate to taste, history, and shops, what is not to like. The real promise kept was taking our youngest granddaughter to "see the cows" and Hershey and lots more. What a joy she is to experience this area together.

Also, your price of admission to Two Lane Touring includes all these "extra" photos in the last week, one day we posted 8 a new TLT record. 


On Ordinary Homes... by Dave Hileman

...we display the flag, Happy Independence Day.

"A thoughtful mind, when it sees a Nation’s flag, sees not the flag only, but the Nation itself; and whatever may be its symbols, its insignia, he reads chiefly in the flag the Government, the principles, the truths, the history which belongs to the Nation which belongs to the Nation that sets it forth.” - Henry Ward Beecher


Atlantic Ocean Sunset by Dave Hileman

This is near Wilmington, NC along the shore. The sunset produced beautiful colors in the clouds as it set in the west. 

"You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!"
Isaiah 26:3 NLT



Westover (2 photos) by Dave Hileman

The colony was not yet 10 years old when this parish was organized. The first church complete in 1630 and this version, one hundred years later in 1730. The years after both the Revolution and the Civil Wars took a toll on the small church but it still stands as an active congregation. Walking around the cemetery you notice no graves older than the Civil War and that is because the stones were taken and used for floors in the soldier's tents. Five presidents have worshiped within the walls of this church. 

The church is closely associated with the Westover Plantation famous as the home of the Byrds who included the founder of Richmond with Williams E Byrd II. The original airport here was first called Byrd Field and the famous movie theatre in Carytown built in the early 1900's is Byrd Theatre (home of Area 10 Church!). The original church was closer to the house and a grave there dates from 1637, that of Captain William Perry, whose stone is the third oldest in the US. 

 The entrance is almost hidden behind the towering Magnolia trees. 

The entrance is almost hidden behind the towering Magnolia trees. 

Overboard (eight photos) by Dave Hileman

High muddy water on the James River leads to misreading the correct course and ends with everyone in the river. I was at Hollywood Cemetery high on the bluff overlooking the James on Saturday. My friend was photographing a train in an "s" bend. I saw the rafts coming down the river and switched to my long lens and went behind the mausoleum to shoot some of them, then the third one made an error - well here is the sequence of photos. 

 Oops, maybe this is the wrong angle?

Oops, maybe this is the wrong angle?

 Lean right!

Lean right!

 Hold on to the oars.

Hold on to the oars.

 At least one made it

At least one made it



 Drifting away

Drifting away

 Got the raft

Got the raft

 No rescue from that boat

No rescue from that boat

Twilight by Dave Hileman

The sound of the horses trotting down the road is very soothing, clearly some of the charm of the area. This buggy passed by while I was preparing for a different shot. I took it only when it was far enough away so it would not be identifiable as a specific buggy. 


Crowded by Dave Hileman

Looking Glass falls in the Pisgah National Forest. There were people everywhere, many in the water! Parking was a problem! I took this using the large rock and the angle to screen most of the folks. Nice place. 


Myra by Dave Hileman

I am on a bit of an adventure with Myra. She is a Personal Trainer at North Raleigh Fitness. I am amazed that I am here. The first time I have been in a gym since 10th grade was last November. I wondered if my old and increasingly decrepit self could improve with strength training. After all, we still have more than 200 parks to visit and hike in. She said of course and I have been going about twice a week now for eight months. My strength has increased by a factor of four and I am amazed. She works on balance and flexibility as well. I have learned how to lift without hurting my back, I do exercises I never expected to do (she has something new every time!) - and she is encouraging, optimistic and ...relentless. Most exciting, Cindy has joined me so now we can compare what hurts the most for the days between sessions. Seriously, this has had significant benefits and, if you are thinking. "maybe," talk to Myra - she is excellent at what she does. Or if you don't live here, find a good PT and start. 


Paasages by Dave Hileman

This is my grandson in the MINI learning, successfully I may add, to drive the stick shift. He is a super young man with a variety of interests and accomplishments. A genuine pleasure to be around and a great companion for photo walks and other adventures. He even is good natured about letting his grandfather re-stage a photo. The time between the two shots seems like hours. And, yes, it is the same car.

KellenMINI (1).jpg

I Can't Stop by Dave Hileman

Actually that is me not the cars. I love these old racing automobiles and the noise they make. Here is a bunch. A Porsche, Volvo P 1800, Porsche, Porsche, Porsche, Jaguar XKE, the old 64 Falcon, and a Vette head out of the Roller Coaster - a tricky reverse camber turn and then into a sweeping right hand fast bend onto the main straight.