40 & 41 by Dave Hileman

We helped to begin two more congregations, Encounter in DC and Collective in Frederick, MD. Both opened in September. I was only at Encounter, and that is Joel preaching the first sermon that morning. Both had very good initial crowds and well-prepared staff and volunteers. 

"So encourage each other with these words." 1 Thessalonians 4:18 NLT


No Idea by Dave Hileman

I have wondered what this art installation was intended to represent since they installed it on the grounds of the NC Museum of Art. (I did read the sign!) I still have no idea  - but I did get to watch a group use it for a choreographed dance. That was interesting and the girls were working hard. So someone found a neat way to use it, so maybe that is the point. 


A Harvest Story: The Man (two photos) by Dave Hileman

What an interesting fellow. Tiny is 78 and been on the water for 58 years. He is captain, first mate, navigator, salesman, maintenance crew, janitor, fisherman and cook (and I am sure a few more titles). He is agile, talkative, hard working, nearly toothless, generous with his time and loves what he does. What he does is get to the pier about 3:30 AM and head out to the traps, harvest, rebait, eat lunch (often a soup) in the small cab of his boat, and return to unload the day's catch. He then cleans up the deck - visits with the other fisherman and workers and then back home to start again. He occasionally races the boat against other similar vessels - and if you are available this Sunday, you can watch!. I so enjoyed my short visit with him that I hope to see him again sometime, maybe even at 3;30 AM, who knows he might need a deckhand for one morning. 

The Linda J, cleaned, refueled and ready for the next mornings work. 

The Linda J, cleaned, refueled and ready for the next mornings work. 

A Harvest Story: the Goal by Dave Hileman

At least for the fisherman! I do not think the crab longed to be a part of an exotic dinner plate. Crabs are unloaded into shallow tanks with water coursing through the tanks. Buyers were waiting so no photos of the crabs in the tanks by the time we got there, 45 minutes - gone. A few were set aside for the steamer (bottom photo) where the crabs were prepared before delivery. Large cylinders with porous sides were lifted by a small crane into the water. 


A Harvest Story: Secure (two photos) by Dave Hileman

Tiny's boat, the Linda J, drifts the last couple of feet, with no wasted effort to put it right where he wants it. Lots of practice. Tiny told me he repaints the name of the boat every 2 or 3 years but the name came with the boat, his dad had already named it. The boat was barely tied up and he was up cleaning the decks. 

Nice lines  

Nice lines


A Harvest Story (two photos) by Dave Hileman

This harvest is not pumpkins and corn but seafood. If you like dishes like the one below, you really need Tiny Firth. He has been crabbing and oyster dredging for 58 years in the boat his daddy had built in the late 1940's for $800 in Deltaville, VA. Here he is arriving at his docking space after unloading the early morning catch. 

You don't get to eat this dish without someone like Tiny getting up at 3AM and heading 6 miles out to get the days catch. 

You don't get to eat this dish without someone like Tiny getting up at 3AM and heading 6 miles out to get the days catch. 

Perspective by Dave Hileman

This platform in the middle of the woods at the NC Museum of Art is supposed to let you see several other people on installations across the area. In the summer, not so much. What do you not see that is there? 

“He uncovers mysteries hidden in darkness; he brings light to the deepest gloom." Job 12:12 NLT


Whirligig by Dave Hileman

Vollis Simpson was a NC artist who created this fanciful whirligigs out of cast off parts. This one is 30 feet high and 20 feet across and everything moves at the least breeze. Each time I was ready to make a photo, it shifted again. There are lots of these in his home town and a theme park in central NC is being built by an ex-Disney designer with whirligigs as the basis. 


Sorrow & Suffering by Dave Hileman

October 1 in Las Vegas is another too sad reminder that evil and hatred are a part of the fabric of many lives and it has been that way since Cain and Abel. We may appear to be well-mannered and safely enmeshed in a complex civilization that mutes the terror of evil but the unthinkable is not far below the veneer of culture. I mourn for the thousands whose lives were forever altered yesterday: the dead, the wounded, their families and friends, the traumatized, the community and the responders who know best how frail life is and how thin is the veil that allows us to function.

I choose to trust. I choose to hope. I choose the one avenue that actually changes that trajectory. In Him life is different.

A cross in one of the smaller cemeteries in Colonial Williamsburg

A cross in one of the smaller cemeteries in Colonial Williamsburg

The Drum Fisherman by Dave Hileman

He has a lawn care business about an hour from this beach and comes here often to fish but prefers the Outer Banks because of fewer people. He was not having a lot of luck this night, got only one big drum and was hoping for 8 or ten to make a "mess of fried fish."  Nice guy hope he got his fish before it was too dark but I doubt it that night. 


Field of Blooms by Dave Hileman

I, again, have no idea what these are but the are adjacent to the parking lot of the NC Museum of Art and were intentionally planted there as a drought resistant, heat resistant boarder for the lot. Whatever they may be they are pretty in the breeze. 


Happy No Labor Day on Labor Day by Dave Hileman

It always seems to me that Labor Day is an awkward holiday. Some see it only as the "end of summer" or back to school - except for many that was days or even weeks ago, others for the start of fall sports, i.e. football and only a few for the celebration of the work ethic that helped make this an amazing country - and we celebrate it with a day off! Whatever your day is like, mine is just a work day - I hope you enjoy it and appreciate the contributions of those who allowed our economy to reach a point where this kind of day is celebrated. 

From a concert in Frederick, MD at the fairgrounds. 

From a concert in Frederick, MD at the fairgrounds. 

Same Moose - by Dave Hileman

Here he is even a bit closer. 

"O Lord, what a variety of things you have made! In wisdom you have made them all. The earth is full of your creatures."  Psalm 104:24 NLT

<untitled> (9).jpg

Near by Dave Hileman

Our next large mammal was way too close. He emerged from the lake and instead of going away from us headed toward us on a narrow trail where left was in the water and right a steep bank of rip-rap. We just got across and up the hill a wee bit (and behind a tree) when he went past on the trail at arms length. Magnificent animal and my favorite to see. 

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"The More Things Change...." by Dave Hileman

"the more they seem to be the same." In Boston a statue of King George was toppled and much of it melted to make musket balls. By careful analysis it was determined that this ball recovered at Monmouth NJ was one of those balls. This is at the newly opened Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. More about that collection later.