Wild by Dave Hileman

When you see 50 of these on the golf course or public park they are pests. When you see two in the wild with one alert to any dangers, they are more majestic. 

“The birds roost on its fallen trunk, and the wild animals lie among its branches. Let the tree of no other nation proudly exult in its own prosperity, though it be higher than the clouds and it be watered from the depths. Ez 31:13,14a NLT

Last One by Dave Hileman

At one time there were more than 70 mills operating in Wake County, this is the last one still in operating condition. This one is the centerpiece of the Yates Mill Park. It was an overcast, dark and windy day I am looking forward to a better weather day shooting at Yates Mill. 

Honor by Dave Hileman

I shot this monument in a pouring rain storm this past Saturday. It was the only time I had to take the photo, it was not ideal. But it was important to me. It celebrates the 150th anniversary of the battle of Plymouth, NC. It was a battle where my GGG Grandfather fought and was captured along with his whole unit, the 103rd Pennsylvania. He spent the remainder of the war in the awful Andersonville prison. He, unlike 140 of this fellow soldiers, survived.  Thanks to Jimmy Hardison for the remarkable tour and the loan of the 103rd regimental history book.

Introvert by Dave Hileman

Everyone else is having a great time, making new friends, lots of laughter, sharing fresh fish snacks, this fellow is so inwardly focused that it all feels painful. No this is not projection! Where is my book?

Good Morning Monday by Dave Hileman

The plantation office was the hub of all the activity required to keep the large agricultural enterprise going. Berry Hill still has many of the original buildings from slave quarters, to barns to the main house. Most of these date from the 1830's to 1840's. This is the office of the plantation and is now a suite for the hotel. 

Felt Left Out by Dave Hileman

This little bird was quite sad that he did not make Bird Week II. So, the HR department of Two Lane Touring worked out a compromise with his legal team and we are proud to feature the Eastern Pewee for this special edition of Bird Saturday One.

We are restrained from discussion any other aspect of the sealed settlement. 

Who Stole Spring? by Dave Hileman

It was here just a minute ago. Maybe I just misplaced it but it seems to be  gone. Last I saw it was about 72 degrees and lovely Redbuds blooming. If you find it please return to Raleigh NC as soon as possible. Thanks.

Standing by Dave Hileman

This photo is taken just a few yards from one I posted last week. It shows a second slave house that was substantial in both size and construction. The plantation has several still on the property. The stories lived here are not fully known but can be imagined. Only one really knows. 

O  lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me.

You know when I sit down or stand up.

You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.

You see me when I travel and when I rest at home.

You know everything I do. Psalm 139:1-3 NLT

Proud of the Group by Dave Hileman

I don't often post photos from my vast vault of Grandkid's images. However, this is not one of those days. These are actually two teams, one elementary and one high school, that competed Saturday in Odyssey of the Mind. OM is a world wide competition that begins with regional contests. These two teams each earned a first place finish and move on to the North Carolina state contest next month. They were outstanding and the result of hours of work by both the teams and the coaches (and lots of families). It was a super day. 

I See You! by Dave Hileman

Glad that I saw the gator too. Actually quite a large one on the edge of a pond near Lake Apopka in Florida. He was at least 10 more likely 12 or thirteen feet long. He can stare for a long time!

Less Hopperish by Dave Hileman

But keeping the same theme as Saturday's post. This, by-the-way is a great place to eat in Fernandina Beach, FL. At least on this balmy evening in January on benches outside under the trees and night sky. 

Sunrise Over Stillness by Dave Hileman

This is a photo taken just after dawn on Saturday at Berry Hill Plantation near South Boston, Virginia. Waypoint held their Director's retreat here. Beyond the pond is the remaining wall from a home for the enslaved people on this plantation. There are several on the property. It was a substantial structure and housed at least two families. But do not think it was a good place to live or work. Even if treated well by comparable standards the work was long, hard and with no rewards. And you were not free. No dignity, no future, no value beyond economic. How different if the Scripture was understood instead of used as a blunt instrument to justify the unjust. 

O  lord, how long will you forget me? Forever?
How long will you look the other way?
How long must I struggle with anguish in my soul,
with sorrow in my heart every day?
How long will my enemy have the upper hand?  Psalm 13:1,2 NLT

With Appreciation by Dave Hileman

One painter I have always admired is Edward Hopper. Not just his famous Nighthawk but many of his works are with people looking into, out of or seen through windows. Often they are isolated even when others are in the painting. I like his clean lines, interesting colors and often small urban structures. So, here is the first of a series just because they remind me of his work. And that gives me joy. 

The photos are a bit tricky because you need to get your reflection out of the window and not offend the people inside. Not all of those i shot work. But so far no one has chased me away!