Perchance to Dream... by Dave Hileman

So, there is a large mural on a wall by the downtown farmers market. I had driven by it before but stopped on a Sunday night to take a photo. Then, my grandson discovered this little sculpture - about 8 inches high, that apparently is the "source" of the mural as his little thought bubbles go on and on. 

Number 39 by Dave Hileman

Waypoint Church Partners worked with Point Church in Raleigh as they opened their eighth campus and Waypoint our 39th project. It was an excellent opening day with well over 350 people in attendance. 

New Sculptures by Dave Hileman

There are two rather large heads out of wire at the NC Museum of Art. They look different in different light. They are the newest additions at the growing outdoor art along the various trails at NCMA.

North Carolina Museum of Art by Dave Hileman

This is a hidden courtyard at the NCMoA with a beautiful pool and several sculptures. When the sun is setting it is an even more beautiful place. We enjoy walking here there are several miles of paths and trails and always something to see. 

Mingo Falls by Dave Hileman

One of the tallest waterfalls in the East at 180 feet this falls is about five miles from Cherokee just south of the Smokies but outside the boundary of the National Park. It is only a short walk from the road but up lots of steps. 

Heritage by Dave Hileman

This is a small pond at Johnson University where I did my undergraduate work. It is a beautiful place on a bluff overlooking the French Broad River. The school has three locations including this main one in Tennessee. I am grateful for the excellent teaching and examples of faith learned ... or at least offered here. 

"To the faithful you show yourself faithful;
to those with integrity you show integrity." Psalm 18:25 NLT

Superior Time by Dave Hileman

On Tuesday I was able to spend a while with my grandson as we went on a photo walk. He wanted to shoot some long exposure shots so this in one area we went to catch the traffic lights. The photo is from an overpass on 440 shot about one minute. The very best part is spending time with him, a delight. And learning more than I about photography. Looking forward to the next evening.