Most Fun Ever by Dave Hileman

I am OK with most rides but I really liked this one. The scenery, the concept and the ride itself. Cars Land at Disneyland was just spectacular. THE reason I would go back.


Thank You by Dave Hileman

Eleventh month, eleventh day, eleventh hour marked the armistice between the Allied nations and Germany in World War I, known as “the Great War.” Three years later on November 11th an unknown soldier of that war was reinterred at Arlington Cemetery. Now November 11th recalls all the veterans.

“Remember the days of long ago; think about the generations past.” Deuteronomy 32:7a NLT


"Things that Actually Work" North Raleigh Fitness by Dave Hileman

As often my intentions and reality collide and so far only one “Things….” post has been completed. I have several more posts to do but other critical things (work takes up a lot of time:) keep getting in the way. So, here is one I have wanted to write for a while. I am using North Raleigh Fitness as my example because that is where Cindy and I go - and would highly recommend it if you live here, but the primary point is go. You need to figure out what you need to be healthier. (I wrote about this once before in June 21 in the Journey’s section.) I just completed a year at NRF and Cindy about six months and simply wish to tell you that it is well worth it. I am stronger, have better posture, improved balance and all that was evident in our last hike at Pemetic Mountain in Maine. In my case, I wanted three things: 1. A personal trainer - avoidance of pain and mistakes was critical to me and I had never been in a gym so I needed guidance. 2. A place that was safe for us both and accepting of a novice. 3. A trainer who understood my goals and my limitations and worked with me. I got all that and much more with Myra and North Raleigh Fitness. The gym is clean, well-equipped and well run and the focus is on core exercises, strength and balance training. A good trainer develops a program for you and moves you along at a pace that is both challenging and rewarding. Myra even came to our trailer and developed core exercises we could do in a 90 square foot living space while we are traveling. If you wonder if it is too late to start, my own experience says “Not at all.” Even if the last time you were in a gym was 10th grade and 50 years flowed along, GO.

 Lea and Myra are two of the exceptional, professional trainers at North Raleigh Fitness

Lea and Myra are two of the exceptional, professional trainers at North Raleigh Fitness

Glorious by Dave Hileman

Along the inlet behind Jamestown Island at sunset.

Reverence for the Lord is pure, lasting forever.

The laws of the Lord are true; each one is fair.

They are more desirable than gold, even the finest gold. Psalm 19:9, 10a


Watercolors by Dave Hileman

The medium here is Fall and a small pond.

The man looked around. “Yes,” he said, “I see people, but I can’t see them very clearly. They look like trees walking around.” Then Jesus placed his hands on the man’s eyes again, and his eyes were opened. His sight was completely restored, and he could see everything clearly.

Mark 8:24,25 NLT


Trip Report by Dave Hileman

Fall 2018 Two Lane Touring Trip


3977.6 Miles across 12 states

99 hours, 27 minutes, 13 seconds drive time

Average moving speed just under 40 MPH 

22 National Parks in eight states

14 first time, 8 revisits (seven of those were first time photographs)

1 New Mountain (Pemetic @ Acadia)

4 State Parks (2 MA, 2 NY)

1 Regional Park (Erie Canal)

1 Non-NPS Museum (George Eastman, Rochester, NY)

1 Baking Nirvana - King Arthur Flour store, cafe and school in NY

2 Wineries (ME and NY)

2 Outlets (Woolrich and LL Bean complex)

2 Farm Stands (NY)

2 Churches attended

1 Trailer Repair (Thank you Brockton RV)

1 Wild Oliver spotted 

3 Boat Rides

6 days with no rain - you do the math


24 days / 23 nights (fuel, tolls, lodging)

1198.11 or $49.92 per day. 

Plus admissions & other transportation: $92

We ate out about 1/2 of the time or slightly more.  

Plus groceries on the trip. Food from a grocery store does not differ from home, so we really don’t count it as a travel cost. We do eat our more often and seek out nice places on trips but that is also largely our entertainment too. We had 8 or nine very nice meals (not all expensive) and spent more than $600 in restaurants, ice cream stops and pastry shops. 

We buy very few trip reminder stuff, occasionally a shirt or mug or… but not major expenses. We do buy gifts and things for grandkids. We refuse to talk about what we spent at King Arthur Flour. Or how much it took to pack it into our rather full truck. 

Other notes: 

1. Everything on the trailer worked very well once the heat issue was resolved. We were comfortable even when temps reached the mid 30’s with no issues. We were able to dry camp five days before we needed to add water and empty holding tanks. Longer than we thought. 

2. Solar does not work when it rains all day. Who knew!

3. The Honda generator worked very well, extra nice to have that on board.

4. The small propane Weber grill equally useful and super easy to use. Love having it with us. 

5. You CAN exercise in a very small trailer. Much to my disappointment. Bridges, side planks, get ups, push ups, planks and squats can all be done inside! Thanks Myra. 

6. Having a moose in the trailer causes a lot of tension.

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

I am not sure what the guides did - surely not why they did anything - but even with their constant interference, delays and insurrections the trip was a smashing success. I accomplished every goal and gained a new acolyte - he is a lot of work. I did find out he is from Baxter State Park in central Maine and since the tradition of the Moose is to be named for a nearby relic or mountain it turns out his name is Randal. Randal, really, where did that come from?  Oh, well if I can get him out of his lumberjack outfit we might make some progress with civilizing him. I have a plan underway to entice the guides to Alaska and, even though we are not completely sure where it is (off the coast of southern California is the leading contender), I am going to insist we go to Montana on the way. Regal is wonderful, I know she wants to meet me. And then on to conqueror the impediments to full Moose Rights. 

 Seriously, do I look like a llama? Why am I alway carrying the pack when it is steep? Something about feeding me, well it is not that good.

Seriously, do I look like a llama? Why am I alway carrying the pack when it is steep? Something about feeding me, well it is not that good.

Pier by Dave Hileman

The pier on Seneca Lake at Watkins Glen, NY. This is the classic scene for here but not the classic weather! I think the perfectly proportioned structure is to represent a turn of the century (19 to 20) boathouse.

Trip Recap and some thoughts from Cadillac on Monday.


Film Dyes by Dave Hileman

At the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, NY, you can visit both the house, amazing, and the museum of photography located in attached buildings. There is also a movie theatre that can play any kind of film in the world. One of the very view that can do this. They show free and fee movies from a huge collection. Edison unveiled his latest motion picture equipment at a press gathering in this very house. This is from a collection of more than 3500, about half on display here, of dyes used in making Technicolor movie prints.


Travel Diary Final Day by Dave Hileman

We drove down I-81 to Fishersville to attend church at Bridge. This is a church doing a very good job serving the community and growing as they do. Loved the service this morning. We wished we could have stayed and had lunch with friends but we needed to get home because the week was going to be busy. We chose to travel down 29 to avoid the heavy truck traffic on 81 that seems to build even more on Sunday. It added a tiny bit of travel time but was an easy drive. We did stop briefly for lunch in Lynchburg. Arrived home at about 5 and had some help unloading: thanks Geof, Alli and Kellen. Still lots to do but we were in and the trailer, very dirty trailer, was parked until we could clean it, maybe Sunday. I will fill in some stats later. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

Home. Almost, I am still with the guides but I need a quiet place to work and they are heading to something called Tennessee - a no moose state, why go? Anyway, it was a super trip. I got to see many cousins, made a few new acquaintances and found a new calling. And I got this fabulous award. I think it was the Everythingism Award of Valor and Excellence. I guess I am now the superintendent of the National Parks. I won’t let that power go to my head. 

Of course I will not abandon all my other talents but Moose Rights is now a priority. And I have a plan - most of a plan. I heard back from two moose, one named Regal, a different tribe but I think we are distantly related. She is from Montana a state I always admired and wanted to visit. She is interested in helping out Moose Rights — and she sounds very pretty. And I heard from Fairlane, from another tribe, in Alaska. The tribe there is huge, 200,000 moose strong and he is one of the leaders. So, the plan is to take what’s his name and go to Alaska because that many moose will be able to make great headway in the cause. Along the way I might get to Montana!

The first issue is where is Alaska? I found two maps but it seems hard to pin down and it must have a wall around it. It looks like an island on one and attached to something called Hawaii in the other. So, phase one - find Alaska. Phase two - embark on a plan to convince the guides they need to go to Alaska. That might be hard as they certainly had difficulty getting to Maine and we all know where that is, but they did persist. With a little gentle persuasion from me. I am sure I can accomplish this with a bit of time. After all, wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming each night to accomplish my goals are some of my most outstanding qualities.


Travel Diary 24 by Dave Hileman

We left the campsite with much less drama than on arrival. We choose not to empty the tanks as we were on our last day out. We took Rt 15 south to Williamsport, home of the Little League World Series but did not stop until the Woolrich outlet store by the original factory. We got a bag of bargains and in an hour were on the way south again. The next stop was at the Allegheny Portage National Historic Site (#213). This was a place where they winched and moved by locomotive canal boats up one side and down the other to complete the route between Philly and Pittsburgh. There were five stations on each side, quite an engineering feat. We also got caught in the rain, you would think after nearly three weeks of rain every day we would not start off down a short trail with no umbrella or rain gear. You would think that but you would be wrong. We stopped in Winchester, VA at a Walmart on Rt 50 neat Rt 37 and had a good night. I think we had lunch and dinner but have no memory of either.

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

We are rolling south and about time. I see by the road signs we are making decent time and it is lovely with the rain just pouring down. I risked disappointment and took a couple of naps but the guides seemed to stay the course this time. We did stop for some “boat up a mountain” place and to buy a shirt. You would think they had enough shirts. At least there were no cannon at either stop. Neither stop was too long and, except for a stop for dinner at some guy’s house named Bob Evans, we were in Virginia before nightfall. And Virginia is like a short walk to NC, almost home. 

I have some exciting news about the fight for Moose Rights but I need to get a bit more information. The response was, well, weak. But there was a response and I have written back to both of them for clarity. Plus “the Question Moose,” is in. He seems to be in for anything I suggest, I will certainly be a good influence for him. It was important for me to recall that the other’s rights began with only a few souls, we don’t need many to start. I will work late tonight on the plans and hope to reveal some of them tomorrow. Also, and this is so exciting, I “think” I may finally be getting an award. Or at least it sounded like that when they thought I was asleep. Tomorrow will be a big day.

 Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen

Travel Diary 23 by Dave Hileman

We left late in the day for Watkins Glen on the south end of the finger lakes. It was a short trip. We did stop at a farm that was out of the way a bit for maple syrup. Turned out to be an Amish farm and we had a nice chat with the lady selling the syrup. She also gave us some freshly picked lettuce. In Watkins Glen I went to the state park first because I was not able to get a reservation online but when I arrived the host found us a spot in the non-electric areas. We were fine with no hookups. It was a tough site to back into but nice once we were in. Then down the hill to walk the Glen. It is a narrow canyon about 2.4 miles long with 19 waterfall and lots of steps. We walked UP the equivalent of 43 flights of stairs, according to the app on my iphone. It was also pretty wet because of all the rain recently. It is not a National Park but well worth the stop. We also found decent ice cream at a place that has been here for years. We were in Watkins Glen once before - 49 years ago! That time was for both a Can-Am and F1 race. We were able to stay at a nearly by lake at a vacation home the family of Cindy’s friend from college owned. I sailed in a small sailboat for the first time and loved it. Except the wind stopped when I was quite a distance from the house and we missed part of the race. They used to race on the city streets, that was before our first visit, and we traced the historic course. Slowly. We stopped downtown to poke around but I got a migraine and so back to the trailer. Dinner in and an early night. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

I thought we were headed home, packed up ready to go and eager to begin the work of Moose Rights in earnest. Guess what we did, drove 40 miles. That’s right, 40 miles and we stopped. The guides went to look at a ditch and I went along only because most people were not able to get back to me yet on their interest in Moose Rights. I imagine they were out chatting with neighbors and gaining supporters. At the ditch I saved Guide CJH, remember, the good guide, from being washed into the canyon. I think the other one was taking pictures. Fine decision on my part to go with them. 

We then rode around what was once a race track. That is another thing to add to my list of needed rights. Why can’t I get a drivers license? Then I would not need these guides and I would be wonderful at it. In fact, I imagine with my finely tuned sense of balance and judgement, one of my outstanding qualities, along with natural moose vision, I would have zoomed around this little burg in record time. 

Night is falling, people are sleeping and I still have not heard from anyone. Tomorrow will be better. First I need some ice cream to think clearly. 

 Here you can see I jumped between her and the terrible waterfall just before she would have been swept away. Maybe I will get an award?

Here you can see I jumped between her and the terrible waterfall just before she would have been swept away. Maybe I will get an award?

Travel Diary 22 by Dave Hileman

It was raining, again, hard, again. Our plan for the day was to start at the George Eastman Museum to tour his house and photography museum. We drove to Rochester about an hour each way. No issues getting downtown, in fact we were early so we stopped at a brand new Wegman’s and got coffee and worked for about 30 minutes. The house was quite amazing. Striking difference in this and the Rockefeller home. Both were impressive visually but Eastman’s was also a place to live, entertain and filled with things he loved. Two pipe organs - played at breakfast for him, billiards, photos, trophies - just full of his personality. The museum of photography is impressive and a treasure drove of images and materials for researchers and students. There were four exhibit halls the larger taken over for a photographer whose style simply did not appeal to me at all. That was a slight disappointment as it was the majority of photos. Nice historic cameras and photos filled another hall and prints from two other photographers in the last two were interesting. Then we returned to camp and on to an emerging park that will be number 418 on the master list. The ranger said it already is officially a park and it had a stamp. Anyway, we went to Auburn, NY and the home of Harriet Tubman. This is a story everyone should know, glad it is being made into a park. Her home in her later years, her house that she made a home for elderly blacks and her church and grave site are all here and we were fortunate to see them all. The ranger was exceptionally knowledgeable and enthused. We appreciated her. We went to dinner at a super nice place, the Elderberry Pond. Wow. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

The guides went off to yet another likely moldy old house, are these things endless? So I stayed here to work on my new crucial work of Moose Rights. I had a productive morning working on strategies when they returned to have lunch. As I had worked so hard I ate and went with them to a site. How fortunate that was. The park was about someone named Harriet and she was a slave. I thought women had a difficult time, these folks were in worse shape. Rights? Some did not even think they were people. My injustice antenna was quivering and the synopses were firing. I needed to get back to work. Moose Rights is on the front burner. Even though I need to get my money, this has to be a priority. I wonder how many scores of replies I had to my many emails from the morning? Tons I guess. Who could not care about the moose plight? 

First, I need to find a good coffee shop, a double shot, mocha, whole milk, extra hot, no whip, touch of nutmeg, shot of butterscotch extra large latte is a simple need for someone who is taxing their brain at this level. We crusaders can't just fuel on grievances. 

Oh, I know I can get whats-his-name to stuff envelopes. That’ll work. 

I still don’t know how they missed New York. 

 This would make a nice salad.

This would make a nice salad.

Travel Diary 21 by Dave Hileman

Up early - very good night in the parking lot! We head east across central NY to Rome and then Seneca Falls. First stop was Fort Stanwix, (#210) a reconstructed fort that played a pivotal role in the French and Indian War and the Revolution. It was burned in 1781 and reconstructed in 1976. Very well done and had a good chat with a well-informed ranger. Next stop was to set up at Cayuga Lake State Park then, with the trailer parked, we went to the National Women’s Rights Historic Site (#211) where the first conference to address those issues was held in1848. Again, well done place and interesting intersection of people and history. Seneca Falls is also the inspiration for the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We saw the bridge where one of the dramatic moments takes place in the movie and it is the scene of a real life rescue of someone who attempted suicide there years ago. The plaque may have started Frank Capra to plan a story that became the movie. We toured around the little town of Geneva to look for a restaurant but decided none were quite right so we bought ground round at Wegman’s and cooked great burgers at the trailer. The visitor center for the Finger Lakes at Geneva was quite a place. On the lake with food and a wine bar, wifi and lots of information.

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

I am stressed. Really stressed. Did you know that going to New York did not mean going to like the best place on earth? We are in small towns, farm land, lakes (well lakes are not bad) but no theatre, no bagels, no lawyers, no neon for like miles. Who knew that NY was so, so, so, rural! Who lives here? Don’t they know the promised land is like an hour away? So that is stress one, stress two, a note from the lawyer - I get nothing, zero, not a penny. Why if they are using my image, I ask? Copyright and, “prove it is me,” she said. Of course it is me, do you see another Moose this statuesque, bold, dynamic, photogenic? Certainly not. So, now I have to figure out a strategy to get the millions I am owed. Stress number three, and I did not see this one coming. We go to the Women’s Rights thing, some old barn like building that they are raising a hoopla over but the issue is like, of course they should be paid, absolutely they should vote, hold office, wear pants (well, the jury may be out on that one) inherit property. I was indignant (ferreting out injustice is one of my most outstanding qualities). Then I realized Moose don’t have any of those rights. We need them, that pant thing excepted, and people shoot at us!!! I am double indignant. I need to organize a convention, call strikes, refuse to be a target, not allow any more images used and…. I really need to ease the tension, lesson my stress before I attack the crucial issue of Moose Rights. First I need to find a good moose-oose who can get rid of the knots in my shoulders this stress had created. 

 Seneca Falls, the inspiration bridge for Capra, note the bells on the bridge.

Seneca Falls, the inspiration bridge for Capra, note the bells on the bridge.

Travel Diary 20 by Dave Hileman

We spent two hours at the King Arthur Flour factory store before we left for NY. It was quite the destination for bakers (CJH) or for those of us who like baked goods (DJH). Temptations were everywhere. There was a cafe, a store, classrooms, viewing area of preparations going on and demonstrations in the store area. Tasty demonstrations as it turned out. It was really neat and delicious. Beautiful building and an interesting history behind the product. KAF is now an employee owned company. Then in an absolute downpour we drove, cautiously, across the mountains in to NY. We stopped at the Saratoga National Battlefield, park 209 if you are keeping track, officially half way to the 417. Then on to a Walmart in Herkimer, NY for the night.

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

What a day, I shouldn’t sleep while the vehicle is moving because we don’t go where we should. I thought we were spending time in New Hampshire, perfect Moose state, but no, never stopped and I ended up in some place near the highway; then we left in the morning before I could complete a class at the baking school. I mean they were excited to have a pastry chef of my talents there and, though they did not get around to asking, I am sure they wanted me to teach a class. But we were gone in a mere two hours. And where did we go, no place in Vermont but to another cannon place somewhere in the fog. Really. How do they find these places? Why! So, I guess, we will be in the city tomorrow because we are on the Hudson River. I think I will take a quick nap so I am fresh for the Big Apple and meetings with my lawyers. Also, while I am asleep I get no questions from … I really need to learn his name. He was fascinated with the bakery, interesting. 

 Cannon overlooking the Hudson and positioned to protect the British camp.

Cannon overlooking the Hudson and positioned to protect the British camp.

Travel Diary 19 by Dave Hileman

One more attempt at a sunrise photo was again met with super, deep grey skies and not much light seeping through. So we headed back to the trailer, hooked up the truck and headed off island. We did stop in Bar Harbor for blueberry coffee to go. Good choice. Out intended trip was to northern NH but unrelenting rain and the forecast for more of the same the next day forced us to make an adjustment. The change meant we would miss Polly’s Pancakes. So sad. We stayed the night at KOA near Woodstock, VT. Not the famous Woodstock but a very fancy little town. It is located just off I-89 and I-93. The Quechee Gorge is also there and it is the attraction that draws people. I was tired from the drive, it was difficult over the mountains in heavy fog and rain. The owner of the KOA noted that I was dealing with a migraine - that also delayed us a bit somewhere in NH while I waited for my sight to return. Anyway she sent over a sample of peppermint oil that she said would relieve the pain. Not sure if it worked but I appreciated the thoughts and the effort to help. Our change of plan puts us into NY in the early afternoon tomorrow. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

So announcement briefing this morning was not so good. First, Cindy, the good guide, got a lifetime Acadia Achievement Award. Wait a minute what did she do to get that? I did everything she did, backwards and in hoofs. What was my award, nada. Next, I am told pack up we are leaving. I am glad, sort of, and sad, sort of but I would like more notice. I am not a last minute kind of moose, in fact, careful preparation is one of my most outstanding qualities.They said something about me not being around for two days. Right, make it about me. I am a bit miffed. 

Then I find out we are going to NH and VT today and New York the next three days. OK, now I am un-miffed. NH and VT are great Moose States and I will surely see some friends or perhaps meet an eligible new girl friend -apparently I need that as well. But the big news is New York. Yay! Broadway, Times Square, great Italian food, great Irish food, great Greek food, just great food. Decent coffee bars and super pastry shops on every corner. It is a dream - I am just the guy to take a bite out of the Big Apple. The other benefit is my lawyer’s firm is there, I can certainly pick up my checks. I may need them to finance all the meals and plays I envision. So, the guides are actually pretty good for people. They even said we can stop in town and pick up my photos. 

I would still like an award.

 It may just be nostalgia but I still like a good lichen.

It may just be nostalgia but I still like a good lichen.

Travel Diary 18 by Dave Hileman

We were up early to try and get some sunrise photos because the day before was so nice we hoped the forecast rain would be delayed. It was not the morning was solid grey with the promise of rain any moment. So, after failing to get a decent morning shot, we went to town and had egg bagels at Morning Glory. CJH tried to see what they do that makes them so good and has ideas to try when we get home. We also bought bread, two cookies and two slices of pie. Then we shopped in Bar Harbor for an hour or two and actually bought a few of the things that were looked at early in the week. Including a new shirt for me with trails in stead of peaks, five I have not done. We have no choice but to return.

We did a longer walk on the shore to Otter Cliffs from near Sand Beach and then did a carriage road across the Duck Bridge. Neither of us had the desire to try too much up. I photographed a couple of wood ducks at Witch Hole Pond and then we were back at the trailer for a light dinner. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

I woke up late to perfect Moose weather and the guides were gone somewhere. Who knows. I was glad to have a slower day but wondered where some of my old friends have gone, or why they could not come yesterday. I am sure it was urgent or they would not have missed. The little misplaced, hanger-on moose is still here and still asking questions. Once I get fully in gear I will find out his name. And encourage him to go home. Although it might be nice to have a mentee - he would learn so much from me. No, bad idea, he is not the one I would choose. I am just missing EB and my other friends at home and the coffee here is not up to my standards. I need a decent latte. Soon! Then I need to find out the plans the guides have for a return trip because I know everyone at home is missing me greatly. And I do need to write some notes today, so I will just settle in to the nice rain and, oh, I forgot, maybe something in the email from the lawyer about my money. I must be due thousands. Maybe we could swing by where ever people keep those kind of funds and pick them up. I will check that, drop my film from yesterdays festivities off at the developers and then get an early start on some plans for my return home. 

 Many creatures of the forest came out to watch in amazement the party I held.

Many creatures of the forest came out to watch in amazement the party I held.