"Things that Actually Work" - Coffee Thermos / by Dave Hileman

A critical need for all of humankind is good, hot (or cold) coffee, (Or tea, I guess, Rusty.) certainly we all agree on that - and they don't think we are united! I have a drawer full, actually since we moved they were all tossed, of poorly made, drippy, unpleasant or just "did not work” travel mugs. Then I found this one, Zojirushi. They were way more than I ever paid for one (might be the initial problem) but claimed that they would not drip and stay hot. So I spent about $22 on one. On Amazon they are more or less today depending on color. It worked and worked more than well. I have to cool the coffee off slightly if I want to drink it in the first 2 hours or it is too hot. I have had coffee sit in the car for 6 or 7 hours and then drink a perfectly acceptable coffee. I bought CJH one too and we have used them for three or four years now. Clean well, still seal, no leaks or drips. Very happy. I do occasionally put iced coffee in and it works equally well at keeping it cold - no ice needed if I pour from the fridge. They are not for carbonated beverages.