Things That Actually Work: Capresso Coffee Maker / by Dave Hileman

First you need to know both of us really like good coffee. Second, I am frugal! Third, paying a lot to take care of the first point creates significant tension in point two. Sometimes point 1 wins and I am happy. This scared and battle-tested coffee pot cost more than any three I had owned to that point. And this one was on sale AND I had a $50 coupon. Still paid more than $100 and that was hard. What is not hard is still having the same pot still making good coffee at the right temperature 9 years later. We use filtered water, good coffee and a gold filter with the timer set for the coffee to come on after 6 in the morning. This maker does not have a heated plate but uses a thermal pot, a feature we actually sought out. I hate the taste of coffee left on a hot plate too long. The company still produces coffee makers but I am not sure where they are made or if they have the same quality. For example the MT900 their most expensive model retails less than this one. So I am skeptical but I would likely trust buying another one if needed.