Bradford RV / by Dave Hileman

This is a bit late because I misplaced the business card. Yet even late, I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Bill at Bradford RV for the work he did on our trailer. To recap our long saga, as much as we like the trailer our heat has been a disappointment. We were in Maine, it was cold the heat worked only randomly. We were in the mountains of the Western US and the heat was on only randomly. We were cold and it was not pleasant. Meanwhile two trips to the plant in Tennessee did not fix the issue even though they had the RV for three months the second time. Off to Maine again, assured it was fixed and, you guessed it no heat in Massachusetts and we were cold, again. Called an RV place, they could see us in three weeks. Really! Called Bradford RV, got Bill. He said, bring it in I will see what we can do to get you back on the road. They were very busy, I am sure it was not easy to adjust for us but they did. We left it, drove to New Bedford to tour and mid-afternoon Bill called to say it was fixed. What did he do? Well he determined what the problem was but could not get the part. So, he disassembled the pre-starter mechanism (Not what it is really called but better than doohickey) and re-calibrated it. Three weeks of cold wet travel with heat. Bill you saved our trip and our plans for Alaska. I just got a service bulletin from Oliver on a possible issue that they will resolve unrelated to the heat system. It more than crossed my mind that we could go to Alaska via Bradford RV. We are so grateful to them, to Bill and the nice way we were treated.

Highly recommend.