Things That Actually Work - Autohaus Import Service / by Dave Hileman

I have been advised by a couple of folks that heading to Alaska in a 12 year old truck with 140,000 plus miles pulling a 4,000 pound trailer is not a good idea. It may not be. However, I am pretty confident that Autohaus has it as prepared as any older vehicle could for that type of journey. I trust these folks. Of course, I paid a lot for that trust, too - they are not inexpensive. But they have been solid on their diagnosis each time. And the truck always performs as they said it would do after the repair.  We feel comfortable and safe.

Big Bonus One: They are really nice to deal with. They are professional, friendly, accurate and do things on time. You know up front what it will cost, when it will be done and what other options you may have. Talking with Shanna (Managing Partner) or MJ (clever long title) seem like talking with friends and they (Bonus Two) give you cookies, too. Bonus Three: the waiting room is nice, well stocked with things to eat and drink and is a comfortable place to catch up a bit of work. Personal Bonus Four: it is close to my house. 

Bottom line - if you can get an older, high mileage truck ready for the trek to AK, these are the folks to do so. 

So we now have named them them Official Preparation & Repair Facility of Two Lane Touring. I imagine Autohaus in Raleigh are busy changing their signs and adjusting their advertising to reflect this prestigious honor. I’m sure they are also busy installing a world map to track us across the frozen tundra. As long as the truck, well, you know.