Travel Diary 16 / by Dave Hileman

Woke up to some rain today so we postponed the really big hike for Saturday but we still managed to get a hike in at the trail for Upper and Lower Hadlock ponds. We did not do all of the Upper pond. It was very pretty in spite of the rain and the exposed roots that made the initial going slow. The trail follows along a stream that connects the two ponds, large ponds actually. The neat thing was the place looked like leprechauns or fairies or some such creature would live here. Really want to go back some sunny morning. Because the weather was not improving we choose to use this as our “catch up” day. We went into town and set up the computers at the Independent Coffee Shop. They have Blueberry Coffee and we both enjoy it. So we got in about 2 hours of work. Then clean up in the trailer and truck - then laundry back in town. The place we thought we would use by the campground did not actually have washers. Oops. Great to get all that done. We had dinner with a fire at the campsite. Not our usual practice but it was nice that night. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

I just had too much work to do today to enjoy perfect Moose weather. Drat. My visits with my aunts went well but I think they may be slipping a bit cause they had a hard time remembering me. I didn’t actually see S. Special either, no one knew where she went but the rumor is that she migrated west to Montana. Montana, that is like a thousand miles to the nearest latte. Just as well she was not the most stable branch in the forest. And as I may’ve mentioned I had work to do. First I am off to catch some lobsters. Not too hard cause they are often gathered in little boxes at the ends of strings. Easy peasy to grab 20 or 30. The real work comes after I cook them because you must de-shell the creature. I then spent the rest of the day harvesting veggies and greens. Plus setting up my dough to rise overnight for the rolls. Everything is coming along so well. I also moved the location to a more remote location. You know what a crowd gathers when one moose strolls into town, imagine 75 or 80!  So I found this open super moosey spot just past the Duck Bridge. Perfect. My skill in anticipating problems in one of my more outstanding qualities.

Still no word on my missing checks, I must ding the lawyer tomorrow if I get a chance. And to get a bit of rest because tomorrow is the big day.