Travel Diary 18 / by Dave Hileman

We were up early to try and get some sunrise photos because the day before was so nice we hoped the forecast rain would be delayed. It was not the morning was solid grey with the promise of rain any moment. So, after failing to get a decent morning shot, we went to town and had egg bagels at Morning Glory. CJH tried to see what they do that makes them so good and has ideas to try when we get home. We also bought bread, two cookies and two slices of pie. Then we shopped in Bar Harbor for an hour or two and actually bought a few of the things that were looked at early in the week. Including a new shirt for me with trails in stead of peaks, five I have not done. We have no choice but to return.

We did a longer walk on the shore to Otter Cliffs from near Sand Beach and then did a carriage road across the Duck Bridge. Neither of us had the desire to try too much up. I photographed a couple of wood ducks at Witch Hole Pond and then we were back at the trailer for a light dinner. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

I woke up late to perfect Moose weather and the guides were gone somewhere. Who knows. I was glad to have a slower day but wondered where some of my old friends have gone, or why they could not come yesterday. I am sure it was urgent or they would not have missed. The little misplaced, hanger-on moose is still here and still asking questions. Once I get fully in gear I will find out his name. And encourage him to go home. Although it might be nice to have a mentee - he would learn so much from me. No, bad idea, he is not the one I would choose. I am just missing EB and my other friends at home and the coffee here is not up to my standards. I need a decent latte. Soon! Then I need to find out the plans the guides have for a return trip because I know everyone at home is missing me greatly. And I do need to write some notes today, so I will just settle in to the nice rain and, oh, I forgot, maybe something in the email from the lawyer about my money. I must be due thousands. Maybe we could swing by where ever people keep those kind of funds and pick them up. I will check that, drop my film from yesterdays festivities off at the developers and then get an early start on some plans for my return home. 

Many creatures of the forest came out to watch in amazement the party I held.

Many creatures of the forest came out to watch in amazement the party I held.