Travel Diary 23 / by Dave Hileman

We left late in the day for Watkins Glen on the south end of the finger lakes. It was a short trip. We did stop at a farm that was out of the way a bit for maple syrup. Turned out to be an Amish farm and we had a nice chat with the lady selling the syrup. She also gave us some freshly picked lettuce. In Watkins Glen I went to the state park first because I was not able to get a reservation online but when I arrived the host found us a spot in the non-electric areas. We were fine with no hookups. It was a tough site to back into but nice once we were in. Then down the hill to walk the Glen. It is a narrow canyon about 2.4 miles long with 19 waterfall and lots of steps. We walked UP the equivalent of 43 flights of stairs, according to the app on my iphone. It was also pretty wet because of all the rain recently. It is not a National Park but well worth the stop. We also found decent ice cream at a place that has been here for years. We were in Watkins Glen once before - 49 years ago! That time was for both a Can-Am and F1 race. We were able to stay at a nearly by lake at a vacation home the family of Cindy’s friend from college owned. I sailed in a small sailboat for the first time and loved it. Except the wind stopped when I was quite a distance from the house and we missed part of the race. They used to race on the city streets, that was before our first visit, and we traced the historic course. Slowly. We stopped downtown to poke around but I got a migraine and so back to the trailer. Dinner in and an early night. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

I thought we were headed home, packed up ready to go and eager to begin the work of Moose Rights in earnest. Guess what we did, drove 40 miles. That’s right, 40 miles and we stopped. The guides went to look at a ditch and I went along only because most people were not able to get back to me yet on their interest in Moose Rights. I imagine they were out chatting with neighbors and gaining supporters. At the ditch I saved Guide CJH, remember, the good guide, from being washed into the canyon. I think the other one was taking pictures. Fine decision on my part to go with them. 

We then rode around what was once a race track. That is another thing to add to my list of needed rights. Why can’t I get a drivers license? Then I would not need these guides and I would be wonderful at it. In fact, I imagine with my finely tuned sense of balance and judgement, one of my outstanding qualities, along with natural moose vision, I would have zoomed around this little burg in record time. 

Night is falling, people are sleeping and I still have not heard from anyone. Tomorrow will be better. First I need some ice cream to think clearly. 

Here you can see I jumped between her and the terrible waterfall just before she would have been swept away. Maybe I will get an award?

Here you can see I jumped between her and the terrible waterfall just before she would have been swept away. Maybe I will get an award?