The Photo / by Dave Hileman

There is a lot "wrong" with this photo, wrong shutter speed, wrong aperture, too much noise...but I really like it. 

We saw that the Kilimanjaro Safari now offered night rides and off we went not knowing if we would see anything. I was carrying my camera simply because I had it with me not expecting to take a shot - it was super hard in the daylight bouncing along the rugged track. We did see a couple of animals dimly and one antelope that was a few feet in front of us illuminated briefly by the headlights but not much. We got to the place where the lions were and could see, barely, the outline of the head of this female. There was a soft light in the rock below her. The vehicle stopped for a moment to point her out and then we started off again. As soon as we did, the lion stretched and stood. I just grabbed my camera, looked in the viewfinder and moved shutter dial until I could see something and shot one frame. The car now lurched away completely from the area. It turned out that I was in auto ISO in a range, so it want to the max of 6400, also I had moved the shutter speed to 1/30 instead of moving the aperture. It happened so fast I did not think properly and yet, with modern camera equipment, managed to get a neat image, a sort of ghostly lioness in the night. Not sharp, not shot correctly but a neat image of a nice memory.

The lesson, that I actually need to learn not just repeat examples - is to prepare in advance for the possible and be ready for the  unexpected. This was shot with an unprepared Fuji X-T2 at f8, 1/30, 6400, 52mm with the 18-135 lens. And a surprised photographer.