Bird Week VI: The Desert / by Dave Hileman

Did you know quail are quick? These bids scooted everywhere at top speed. Here they are crossing the road (Why?) at the Henderson Water Treatment Plant just outside of Las Vegas - a spectacular location to watch birds. That my favorite reason to go to Las Vegas is a sewage treatment plant says things about me I would rather not think too hard about. These quail, by the way, are Gambrel Quail distinguished from the California Quail by the plain breast and the dark forehead. The birds were eating some sort of pink flower that grew on bushes along the edge of the ponds. Just in case you are wondering, the HWTP is set up for birders and is now renamed as the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. There is a small fee, to enter and you will find multiple ponds, boardwalks, blinds, and towers - and a lot of birds.