The Photography Equipment

I use the mirrorless Fuji XT-2 as my primary camera and my XT-1 is now a backup. I sold my Nikon and three lens last summer to finance the new camera. My current lens include the 100-400, 18-135, 10-24 and the fixed 56. I also use a close up attachment and the 1.4 extender. I do not intend to purchase any new lenses right now, need more time with what I already have to understand them better. I like the three zooms a lot. The tripod I use is an Induro with an Induro ball head. As I use the tripod more and more I now know what I value in a tripod and may upgrade that at some point. I have the remote trigger for the camera and a dark filter and polarizer for each zoom lens and find I use them both a lot. I have a small backpack type case that I use when hiking far or on steep climbs and a Manfrotto backpack case that holds the whole kit. It is heavy for a long hike. 

I use a Macbook on the road and an iMac at home. To process photos I use Lightroom. Or rather, I am learning to use LR. I have Photoshop but have never opened that program yet. 

All photos are backed up on two WD Passports and on the Apple WiFi device. 

The Living Quarters

The other primary "gear" is an Oliver Elite trailer. It is like the camera, light and small (for a trailer!) and easy to tow. Again, I will set up a photo "tour" here soon. In the interim go to for great information or take a trip to Hohenwald, Tennessee and tour the factory. Bring money when you do cause you will place an order while you are there. You can also contact us - we are glad to give tours.